The Effectiveness of the ShadeAde Solar Quencher for UV Protection

The ShadeAde Solar Quencher is rated UPF50+ and protects you from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Sunlight is composed of many wavelengths of light, including visible and invisible ultraviolet (UV) light. UV in sunlight is typically separated into two groups of wavelengths, UVA (315-400 nm) and UVB (280-315 nm). Overexposure to both groups of UV rays is linked to premature skin aging and skin cancer. One of the most effective ways to prevent UV related skin damage is to place a UV blocking fabric between skin and sun.

UV protection for fabrics is measured by UPF (UV protection factor) ratings, which are similar to the SPF (sun protection factor) ratings used for lotions. Less UV radiation transmitted through fabrics results in higher UPF ratings. The equation relating the two is UPF = 100/%T, where %T is percent transmittance. For example, if a fabric allows 10% UV transmittance, its UPF is 10, and if another allows 2%, its UPF is 50.

UPF ratings of fabrics are influenced by many factors, including the fiber type, density of construction, dyes, and treatments. At ShadeAde we carefully tested and screened different fabrics for the manufacture of our chair canopy. Our fabric is made of naturally UV blocking polyester and then coated with an extra UV protective layer. The result is a highly effective UV protective material.

We tested several colors of our fabric, and the results for the least protective fabric (white) are shown in Figures 1 and 2 below.

ShadeAde Solar Quencher Chair Canopy Fabric Transmittance vs Wavelength

Figure 1. Transmittance of light through ShadeAde’s least
protective fabric at wavelengths from 270 to 390 nm.

ShadeAde Solar Quencher Chair Canopy Fabric UPF Rating vs Wavelength

Figure 2. Effective single wavelength UPF ratings of
ShadeAde’s least protective fabric at wavelengths from
270 to 390 nm.

As the figures show, ShadeAde’s fabric is incredibly UV protective in the UVB range and has a minimum protection of UPF50+ at the longest wavelengths in the UVA range. Thus, the ShadeAde Chair Canopy can be an important tool to help prevent skin damage while enjoying time outdoors. As a word of caution, though, protection from the Solar Quencher has its limits. Even when under it, skin can be exposed to UV radiation if it isn't kept in the shade or UV reflects off surroundings like sand and water, so please be careful.