Secret Beach Spot: Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Monday, September 23, 2013

Guest post by Leesa King.

Emerald Bay cove is a beautiful beach spot along a scenic road in South Lake Tahoe; just a twenty-minute drive from the casinos at Stateline or Tahoe City proper in the northwest. This local gem is a pure haven for tree-loving adventurists of any age. This summer we packed up two of the ten cars in our driveway at The Tahoe Meadows and headed straight for our favorite turquoise beach and its incredible views. We even brought along the newest addition! My 1-year old niece, and my wild pregnant sister played in the sand ‘til the sun went down and we all watched as the sky melted from fluorescent pinks and oranges to a velvety royal blue. As Emerald Bay sparkled under the moonlight and twinkling stars, we made our way back to the house for a BBQ and s’mores. As if any day could be more perfect!

Hikers and beach-goers alike enjoy this serene area of the lake for it’s easy navigation, sprawling trails, and soft sandy beach. Whether making the trek to stay only a few hours or camping for days, you should definitely consider hitting the viewpoint at the top of the cliff, which overlooks the beach from thousands of feet above. There’s also a private boat tour that leaves from Harrah’s Casino to the Bay for those seeking a first-class experience! Lucky for me (and about 30 family members) we’ve got a good relationship with the casinos via our gambling uncles. Every summer they treat us to a day of sight-seeing on the lake, complete with a catered lunch and open bar, yahoo! Though Emerald Bay can be busy during high tourist season, there’s never an issue finding a spot to sprawl out.

Visiting South Lake Tahoe is a yearly tradition in my family, started by my Grandmother about 40 years ago. Every August my mother and her three brothers would pack into their station wagon for the strenuous 8-hour drive. Today about thirty-five of my family members make the same trek for a reunion vacation, and it wouldn’t be complete without a day at Emerald Beach.

Leesa King is an avid traveler, photographer, and writer based in San Diego, CA.

She is studying kinesiology and nutrition while she hikes, runs, and marathons this great nation!